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Acupuncture: General health & Pain management

Acupuncture is based on stimulating the points on channels and collaterals that lie throughout the body. Acupuncture promotes circulation and has helpful effect on reducing pain and inflammation. Several different treatment method and techniques will be used to address your health concern. The basic theory of the Traditional Chinese medicine is balance and harmonize the energy. Even though someone suffer from same condition as other, each person has different cause and imbalance in different system. We ask, examine, and diagnose, and every treatment will be tailored to you.


ACC treatment

Acupuncture is very effective at treating acute injuries and pain. Many studies show that acupuncture is effective for reducing inflammation, swelling and pain, and by promoting blood circulation to the local area, helps healing process of the injured area. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, the basic concept of the pain is due to the stagnation. The basic treatment principle for treating pain or acute injury is promote free flow of Qi and remove stagnation at the injured site/ channel, therefore helps to reduce the pain. Also, other TCM techniques can help reduce the muscle tension around the local injury site.

Once you have ACC number from your GP, Physiotherapist or other health provider, you can receive acupuncture treatment. It is not necessary to be referred by the other health professions.


Oriental Beauty

Oriental Beauty service starts with a gentle massage on your neck, shoulder and face to relax muscle, promotes circulation, and prepare the session. Constitution acupuncture to balance your body system for better energy and better skin. Very fine needles are used for facial acupuncture, it creates micro circulation to your face, relax facial muscles and helps rejuvenate the skin, fine wrinkles, saggy skin, gives you that natural glow. 

RF (high radiofrequency) therapy uses electromagnetic waves to generate heat, and this heat penetrates deep into your skin. It stimulates regeneration of skin cell and production of collagen and elastin.


Weight management

Using constitutional balance acupuncture, we address your energy balance in your system to improve your health condition and the metabolism. Weight loss acupuncture is the acupuncture technique that used on the targeted area, usually abdomen, gives electrical stimulation to breakdown, loose the fat. Other TCM tools such as cupping or gentle meridian massage can be added. On top of the acupuncture treatment, we do HIFU and Radiofrequency (RF) therapy to contour your body to encourage you to see better result in eyes, keep motivate you to lose weight. We provide life style advice, dietary advice, and exercise to follow. We can support your weight loss journey.

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